Current World Issues Notice

As you all know we are dealing with a lot of negative issues around the world right now. From COVID-19 to riots all over the world. 

We are a small family business and are dealing with many setbacks because of these issues. This includes getting packages to customers in a timely manner. We think transparency is key to business so in addition to these issues being listed on all product pages and shipping pages, we also thought we'd include an announcement so everyone would be aware.

We are currently experiencing HEAVY DELAYS with our shipping. Shipping to the US will be taking 35-50 days until things get back to normal. We know this is frustrating and it's just as frustrating for us and we're currently looking at every option to fix this. Our business is struggling and it's how we support our family so if you do order, we greatly appreciate it!

If for some reason you miss these announcements, please do not charge back your cards. Contact us first so we can help fix the problem. Chargebacks are detrimental to eCommerce stores and too many of these could literally wipe our business out from under us. 

You'll also be getting receiving a survey from Facebook asking about your experience with us. If possible, please do not hold this against us as it's out of our control and we are trying as much as we can to be transparent. This survey is crucial for us, if too many people give bad feedback, they'll disable our ad account, again, wiping our business out from under us.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding!

Chris Enos

Ultrazo - Owner